Meet The Need Africa Foundation plans to have strategic partnerships in Uganda and the wider countries in the East & Central African region including Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan and DRC, to assist where possible, in the delivery of major goals of these strategic partners. Some of these local partnerships will include stakeholders such as local NGOs, Schools, farming Associations, Hospitals, Clinics, Cooperatives, poor community business start-ups, Youth organizations, etc.

Lack of funding and access to funders is a major hindrance to the success of the mission of many of these local community service organizations. We at Meet The Need Foundation are in a unique position to help with access to a global funding base. Based in Los Angeles, California enables us easier access to major funding sources that could be passed on to various strategic partners in Uganda and others in East & Central Africa.

Therefore, we will ensure that our strategic partnerships with these stakeholders, will lead to access of resources that can help them achieve a high degree of success in their unique areas of public service in their respective communities. We will be able to offer sustainable solutions to their missions, help them with Grant Writing Expertise, help them access funding to their projects and programs and make sure that they stay on truck by monitoring their progress long term.