The healthcare system and conditions in Uganda, much like many of the other East & Central African Countries such as South Sudan, Burundi, DRC, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya; is extremely understaffed and underequipped especially in the rural communities. Many of the hospitals and clinics in the main towns and cities lack the basic life-supporting amenities and it is fair to say that a lot of lives are lost due to the absence of these rather basic amenities and life-saving equipment.Despite record investment over the past five years, Uganda’s healthcare performance is still ranked as one of the worst in the world by the World Health Organisation. (ILO). The country is ranked 186th out of 191 nations. The situation in Uganda is no different from the other East African countries.

Meet The Need Africa Foundation in partnership with various global agencies, funding authorities, corporations, NGOs and private individuals, want to make a positive impact to make this sad healthcare situation a lot better. Starting with our vocational school healthcare facility, we hope to expand our access to healthcare supplies and equipment needy healthcare facilities in Uganda, and then to the wider East & Central African region.