Educational, and especially vocational skills educational, is an area of special interest for us at Meet The Need Africa Foundation. Youth unemployment in Uganda, plus almost all the countries in East & Central Africa, like Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and the DRC), is mostly an outcome of the fact that a lot of these young people simply do not have the skills to be employable. Professor Augustus Nuwagaba, director of Reeve Consults Uganda, believes the problem lies in the education system. He says the country is stuck with the colonial education system that trains students to be clerks, teachers and lawyers. Times have changed, Nuwagaba says, and the country needs metal fabricators, carpenters and mechanics. Foreign investors also bemoan the lack of skilled workers in Uganda. Lack of skills is a global problem.

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) says training institutions continue to produce graduates whose skills do not match what the market wants. This mismatch makes it harder to tackle youth unemployment. This is an area of critical interest that we at Meet The Need Africa Foundation, want to help turn around. Procuring vocational school educational materials, supplies and equipment is a major goal of our Foundation. Such equipment will include welding equipment, agricultural/farming equipment, metal fabrication equipment, carpentry equipment, auto repair, motorbike repair and bicycle repair equipment, etc.