Uganda’s economy widely depends on the agricultural sector. Over 85% of the estimated 32 million inhabitants of the country live in rural areas and rely mainly on agriculture for their livelihood. At the same time, it can be said that most agricultural activities take place in these rural areas. It is therefore right to say that Uganda’s food production is widely dependent on rural women and men farmers.

Agriculture in Uganda, like many other East & Central Africa countries, is the core of the economy and the primary source of employment, engaging 73% of the country’s labor force primarily in the rural areas. However, a lot of the agricultural activities in these communities is very subsistence and needs a revamp especially in form of machinery and equipment such as tractors, cattle keeping equipment, poultry equipment, etc., to increase production and efficiency.

We there at Meet The Need Africa Foundation would like to make sure that our boarding vocational school makes a deep impact in this area of our school curriculum. Our hope is that we will develop partnerships with various communities, and local NGOs in Uganda and the wider region of East & Central Africa, to expand access of this agricultural equipment.

We will partner with various global institutions to procure agricultural equipment that will help with our skills training for our enrolled former homeless youths, at our vocational school. We hope to gain sustainability of our programs by renting some of this equipment out to raise much-needed funds to run our school programs and projects.